Saturday, November 26, 2005

Fuh-knee Rainy Day

Well it didn't snow - here, but it did hail.

This morning we went to Spain for gas and on the way home we stopped off at E. Leclerc. This one, located in Urrugne, is a "hypermarche" - a supermarket as well as a bit of a mini-mall. It has a grocery, a nursery, a hair salon, some clothing stores, a cafeteria, a bookstore, shoe repair/key/liscence plate stand, a pharmacy and perfumerie. We bought some coffee and some hair color, went upstairs to the cafeteria for lunch with a promise to the kids of getting to ride on the "motorcycle" when we were through. When it came down to vehicle choice, though, the kids opted for the animals.Forward-thinking item: The government is trying to eliminate non-recyclable plastic bags by 2010. The first step is no longer allowing grocery stores dispense them. As we quickly learned, we need to bring our own bags with us when we shop; if you forget, or you don't have any, they have three different kinds you can purchase at the check stand for .10 to .30: plain recyclable, sturdy recyclable and biodgradable - all sized large and with handles.

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