Saturday, October 29, 2005

Our Bakery

This is the boulangerie we go to every morning. Sometimes Bryan goes, sometimes I go, sometimes one of us takes the kids or a kid. I'm getting less embarrassed about talking to the woman; she knows me now and I think my pronunciation is getting better. This place has the best bread. There are a couple of other bakeries in town, one specializes in those cakes below and one is the one we go to on Wednesdays when this one is closed. We are in the heart of Basque country and so many of the buildings have the Basque lettering you see down and to the right of the word "Patisserie". (click on the picture to enlarge it) Also, you'll notice that all the cars in the lot there have license plates ending in the number "64". That's our department and you can tell where a person is from by the last two numbers on the person's plate. Our new car was bought in our department so now we have the low-pro glow.

Another interesting note: Here, instead of having your own garbage can, there are neighborhood dumpsters, never further than a block or so from your house. In the parking lot of this bakery and in other random places are the recycling centers where you drive up, and sort your own recycling. The collection of these are paid with tax money. Both great ideas.

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