Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Condensed Version - 1 week

Well Good Morning.

We're online as of this afternoon. I almost kissed the technician.

So far we...

1. survived 10 hour plane slept the whole way (UNbleepingBELIEVABLE)
2. made our connecting flight from Dublin to Paris with 5 minutes to spare*
3. visited the emergency room in Chartres - I got some choice antibiotics and am feeling much better now, thank you.
4. made it to our new home, Emen Ongi in Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle
5. got online, a bank account, and Bryan's luggage returned (they left it for him at the post office - wow)
6. are eating bread all day, everyday! Bread Bread Bread!

Kids have settled in nicely, both are sleeping, reluctantly, in twin beds. Bryan's finishing up this issue of SLW. Megan just read The DaVinci Code in record time...(thanks MaryEllen!)

*note to all you international travelers: When flying into Dublin airport and connecting to another flight out of there, allow yourself PLENTY of time, as you have to go out and redo the whole process of going through customs, checking in, going thru security and then navigating back to a gate very near where you just came from. One hour layover is not enough time, especially if you have a lot of carry-on stuff with you (like 2 toddlers, a gigantic stroller, some laptops, blankets, lurtle and an ikea bear for example). My apologies to the travelers whose toes I ran over getting to the gate. Pardon.

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